Blog: Updates, Homerunner
09 July, 2024
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Homerunner for Guesty product updates: July 2024

Blog: Updates, Homerunner
09 July, 2024

In the fast-paced world of vacation rentals, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. We’ve been listening to your feedback and working hard to bring you features that will help you attract more guests, increase direct bookings, and manage your properties more efficiently. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our latest updates are designed to make your direct booking website more powerful and your business more successful.

Key features


Dynamic Map Search
Filter properties in real-time

Guests can now instantly filter properties as they move the map, making property discovery intuitive and efficient.

Crystal Clear Pricing

Transparent Totals, Familiar Format, Faster Booking Decisions

We’ve revamped our booking widget to closely match popular OTA displays. Now you can show the average nightly rate at the top, the total minus taxes at the bottom, and provide a full breakdown in the ‘price details’ section. This familiar format helps guests make informed decisions quickly.

Transparent Discounts: See Your Savings

Book Longer, Save More – Instantly Visible

Length-of-stay discounts are now automatically detected and prominently displayed, encouraging longer bookings.

Exclusive Membership Features

Reward loyalty, grow revenue

Create and sell memberships with perks like access to early access to properties and extended search ranges, improving guest experience and rewarding loyalty. 

Intelligent No-Result Recovery

Never lose a potential booking again

We’ve added options to show custom messages and a selection of alternative properties when search results come up empty. This keeps guests engaged and increases the chances of finding the perfect match for their needs.

Enhanced Property Cards

First impressions matter

Property cards now feature a subheadline in addition to the title, allowing you to showcase key selling points at a glance.

We’ve also added the option to display average ratings directly on the card, helping your best-reviewed properties stand out.

Other improvements

Expanded GTM (Google Tag Manager) ecommerce events

Added skeleton preloader to availability calendar UI

Added an option of utilizing Stripe 3DS as an extra layer of fraud protection

Created an automated way of defining ‘most booked’ properties based on configurable preferences

Added the ability to pass the Discount Code as a parameter in the property URL

Added ability to export all reservation data, filtered as needed, into an CSV file

Updated the property pin on the map to display a “pill with price”, matching Airbnb’s functionality

Added reviews score processing to automatically calculate average review rating based on available reviews

Added custom field options for specifying the number of reviews and average review rating per property

Improved phone number validation on the Checkout page

Automatically detect length-of-stay discounts, and show them on the property details page in the booking widget and near the date picker

Reviews imported directly from Guesty can now include reservation details like guest’s full name, dates of stay, number of guests, number of nights

Displayed amenities can now be renamed, curated, and re-ordered, allowing us to show the most important amenities first, and avoid the clutter of showing unimportant amenities

Our integration is fully compatible with Guesty’s native Google Vacation Rentals connection

On our Roadmap

AI-Powered Search

Describe Your Dream Stay, Let AI Find Your Perfect Match

Your guests will be able to describe their perfect trip in their own words, and our AI will match them with the best available options. Say goodbye to complex filter combinations!

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Turning Abandoned Bookings into Revenue

Our smart cart abandonment system will send personalized, timely reminders to visitors who started but didn’t complete their booking, significantly increasing your reservation rate and revenue.

Custom Payment Gateways

Integrate Any Payment Gateway to Maximize Booking Conversions

You’ll be able to offer your guests the flexibility to pay using their preferred methods by easily integrating virtually any payment gateway into your direct booking site, which will help reduce abandoned carts and increase completed reservations.

… and much more!

We’re constantly working to improve your experience and help your business thrive. These updates are just the beginning – we have even more exciting features in the pipeline.